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Adoptive Parenting Group

Sarah Gertenzang, LCSW, is bringing her decades of experience as an adoptive parent and leading advocate for children in foster care and adoptees to a monthly parenting group. This group is a direct outgrowth of feedback from our adoptive parents night last month. We hope that this group provides a space for adoptive parents to get practical information, feel validated and create community with other parents who “get it”.

Last Friday of every month
Next meeting September 30th, 2016

12:30 PM-1:45PM

Rennicke & Associates
530 Broadway 4th Floor, New York, NY

$75 per person

This group is opened to all adoptive parents, regardless of if you are a current R&A client or not. If you want to get more information about the group or would like to enroll, please contact Raven Bowie.

April 16, 2016

Director’s Message

Dear R&A Community,

How are you doing? Did you answer with an “okay”, a sigh, a smile, a ripple of angst? We are asked and have asked this deceptively simple question thousands of times and yet the courage, the symphonic regulatory neurological dance, and felt sense of interpersonal safety it requires to answer this question with depth and accuracy is quite a feat.

As we are all sitting with the mix of end of summer feelings and turn towards the fall, I have been thinking a lot about how this year will unfold for our group and our incredible community of clients and colleagues. I sense that there is always a bit of shoring up and gathering of resources at this time of year to steel ourselves against the energetic drain of the fall grind. In quiet, coffee drinking Sunday morning moments, I have been wondering lately what it might look like for all of us to resist the freneticism of the autumnal vortex and instead stay summer slow and open to say what’s really on our minds and what’s weighing on our hearts.

So I’ll ask you again “How are you?”…I hope as you gently ask your inner censors to quiet down that you can find a way to let the complex reality of your answer unfurl. I’ll try if you try. Ask me next time you see me.

Warmly…and somberly, and tiredly and gratefully,


June, 7th, 2016

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