BRAIN EMPOWERED! Rennicke & Associates staff with Dan Hughes, Ph.D. at the Adoption Foster Care Therapist Network’s Brain Based Parenting Workshop on February 25, 2017.

We were lucky enough to be surrounded by incredible adoptive parents (asking very smart and tough questions!), colleagues and graduate students at this workshop with Dan Hughes, Ph.D. Dan spoke about the neurological basis for trust in children and how these processes get disrupted in children who grow up in environments where they are neglected and abused. I think our staff was humbled again by what awe-inspiring and arduous work adoptive parents do every day to start to re-spark their children’s wiring for connection and trust. We also were reminded of why the fundamentals of being Playful, Accepting, Curious, and Empathic with the children we work with and with all of the people in our lives is so essential to connection.