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equestrian-Leah-langsamDr. Leah Langsam is an avid equestrian and prior to her career in psychology was a working student for Kim Perlman at Riverstone, training and competing from Ocala, Florida to Manchester, Vermont in the hunters, jumpers and equitation. Dr. Langsam returns to the horse world with a unique set of performance coaching qualifications that can teach riders the mental skills to anticipate success and overcome adversity.

If you or your child is looking to build confidence, concentration, and motivation then Mental Skills Coaching might be a good fit. Mental Skills Coaching not only helps you or your child work through challenges like managing performance anxiety, it builds confidence, fosters consistency in performance, and helps riders achieve their riding goals.

Mental Skills Coaching can provide:

  • Techniques to overcome obstacles and enhance performance include: goal setting, imagery, self-talk, relaxation, energy management, centering, pre-performance routines
  • Strategies to cope with the pressures of competition, including the pressure from parents, trainers, or even your own expectations
  • Coping skills to recuperate from injuries. After an injury, riders need help tolerating pain, overcoming worry, adhering to their physical therapy regimens or adjusting to being sidelined

If you want to learn how to support your child pre- and post-ride, build their self-esteem and confidence, and develop mental toughness as a parent, then Mental Skills Coaching may be a helpful resource…

No one has a more powerful influence on whether a child participates in a sport—and remains committed to it—than a parent. Mental Skills Coaching can:

  • Aid parents by building techniques to support your junior rider, define your role as a parent, bolster communication skills, and builds strategies for pre- and post-ride conversations
  • Help you orient your child towards developing mental toughness rather than a focus on winning and outcomes
  • Help you focus your child’s attention on how he or she is performing relative to previous performances and away from comparing him or herself to other children
  • Help your child reframe perceptions of their abilities after a success or a disappointment—especially after a disappointment – and remember that good athletes make mistakes and learn and improve from these moments

f you are a trainer and would like to help your riders mental preparation before important shows or finals or need help transitioning between roles as a rider, trainer, and manager, Mental Skills Coaching might be a good match for you…

Mental Skills Coaching for trainers can:

  • Assist you in preparing riders for important shows or finals, develop tools for quick transitions between teaching and riding, build techniques to support unfocused, anxious, or fearful riders, and bolster your communication skills
  • Encourage a positive perception of ability through the mastery of skills by identifying and reinforcing skills that each athlete can perform competently while emphasizing improvement on weaker skills
  • Help develop accurate and stable views of rider’s ability and set performance goals for each individual that he or she is capable of achieving
  • Develop systems to monitor horse and rider progress that reinforce goals and build a sense of competence

NOTE: Mental Skills Coaching is a collaborative process and individual sessions are offered in person at the Manhattan office or via Skype for riders who live out of state. Clinics can be arranged to teach Mental Skills to a group of riders at your farm and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.